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There is no doubt that computer technology has had a great impact on society and also brought many technical developments with it. It has brought many changes to the way we live as individual as well as members of societies and organizations. It has had major effects and changes on the economy, health, education, industry, agriculture and many other fields. The ability of computers in gathering, processing, presenting and sending large amount of information has had major changes in the way large organizations as well individuals organize their lives. Computers are at work, in schools and hospitals and many other places. We therefore need to have some basic understanding of how they function and the language associated with them.

For people with not enough technical knowledge on computers, the amount of technical knowledge involved in the field of computer technology is overwhelming. It is also a field that changes fast enough for people to keep pace with. This site has been organized to help you understand, in a simple way, the concepts involved and language used in computer technology.

  • Computers. How do computers work? What to do before buying a personal computer?

  • Mobile Learning. What is mobile learning? What are its advantages?

  • Glossary of Computer Technology and Internet Terms. Computer and information technology and internet terms, in alphabetical order, simply explained..

  • Computer Hardware. What is computer hardware? Free resources with easy to follow explanations of what is computer hardware and how does it function.

  • Computer Software. What is computer software? Free resources that discuss the role of software in computers are presented. Different software are used in computers and these are also discussed.

  • Computer Programming What is computer programming (or coding)? how are computer programs written?

  • Computer Graphics. Easy to follow tutorials on computer graphics.

  • Internet. What is the internet and what is it used for?

  • Computers and Security. What is computer security? Easy to follow explanations of what is computer security and how it can be protected.

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