Computers Applications

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What are the areas of applications for computers?

Computers in government agencies

Government agencies use national computer database systems to store vast amounts of public records data. Social security records, vehicle registration details, census information, revenue collection records, criminal records, medical records, housing information, etc., are all stored on computers at both local and national level. Government are currently committed to moving towards a situation where voting in local and national elections may be done electronically.

Computers in business

Computers now play vital roles in commerce and industry. National and multi-national organisations and companies use computerized systems to advertise and sell their products, track their customer base and process and store their sales records.
Airline booking systems allow travellers to access flight times and ticket prices, choose their flights and pay for their tickets on-line. It is common for banks to offer current accounts that can be run totally via the Internet. Balances can be checked, deposits and payments made, direct debits and standing orders set up, all from the convenience of the account holder’s PC. Insurance companies also utilize large-scale computer systems to provide personalized insurance quotes and increased efficiency of claims processing.

Computers in education

Educational establishments use software applications in arts, maths, science, geography, IT as teaching aids. Computer systems are now widely used to store student records and registration details and to assist with working out complicated timetable plans. Access to the Internet and computer based reference software is particularly useful to students who have homework/project work to complete. Word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software is of great use to students.

Computers in healthcare

Hospitals and health care institutions make use of computerized patient databases. Control systems like those of other emergency services are computerized. Computers can even be used to assist with diagnosis and also maintaining precise control over specialist surgical equipment and instruments.

Computers and New Technologies