Glossary of Computer Technology Terms - List 11

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A computer in a network that provides services to the other computers of the network.


Software free to use for trial purposes and expected to pay later for it.

Smart Phone

Advanced phones with capabilities such as internet, e-mail ... , similar to those of a computer.


Any program you use on your computer to carry out a specific task.

Sound Card

Part that allows the computer to handle sounds that are being output or input to the computer.


A large number of unsolicited e-mail (or messages) sent to people.

Spreadsheet Applications

An application software used to manipulate data in the form of tables.


Unwanted software installed in computers to collect data and information without the user knowledge.

Storage Device

A device that allows information and data to be stored.


A pen shaped device used to input commands and draw shapes on the screen of computers, tablets, smartphones,....


A large, expensive and very fast computer that is used for applications such as weather forecasting, nuclear energy ... by large organizations and governments.