Glossary of Computer Technology Terms - List 3

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It is a machine that carries out a set of instructions called programs to manipulate data and do a large variety of tasks.

Computer File

Information put together and given a name which is the file name.

Computer Instructions

A command given to the computer to perfom a certain operation.

Computer Memory

A physical device to store data and software.

Computer Network

A group of computers that are linked and can share hardware, software and data.

Computer Networking

Setting a group of computers that can communicate between themselves and other computers.

Computer Programs

A set of instructions for the computer to perform a certain task.

Computer Security

Anything to do with securing the computer and the data in it.

Computer Software

A program that tells the computer to perform a known task.

Computer Virus

A computer program with harmful intentions that is loaded into a computer without the knowledge of the user. Computer viruses are known to delete or damage data and affect the working of the computer hardware.

Computer Peripherals

Hardware devices that are attached to the CPU and work under its control.

Control Unit

Controls, directs and manage the flow of data through the CPU and other devices.


A small file containing data generated by a website to remember information such as your login information.