Glossary of Computer Technology Terms - List 4

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Quantities on which computers can perform operations.

Database Management software

Creating records of information.

Defragmenting Hard Disk

Take certain pieces of information on a hard disk and put them together or close to each other.


A device that extracts the original information from a modulated (information bearing) signal.

Desktop Computer

A personal computer to be located and used in a fixed place.

Desktop Publishing Applications

Software to create printed document of a high quality.

Dial-Up Access to Internet

Internet access using telephones lines using modems.

Digital Camera

Device that allows the user to take pictures and store them in digital form.

Digital information

Information represented using 1's and 0's only.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

A high speed internet service that uses telephones lines. It allows the telephone service to work without interruption.

Digital Video Disk (DVD)

Optical disk used to store large amount of data