Glossary of Computer Technology Terms - List 8

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An input device, used in computer games, that has the form of a lever that can be moved in several directions.


Kilobits / second


An input device in the form of set of keys used to input information to a computer.

Kilobyte (Kb)

210 (= 1,024) bytes.

KiloHertz (Khz)

103 ( = 1000) Hz

Laptop Computers

A small portable computer that can run on batteries as well as main power, and is intended to be used in any location desired.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Technology used to produce flat screens are used to display information.

Local Area Network (LAN)

A network that connect computers within a limited area within the same building.

Log off

Tell the server that you no longer need the connection (disconnect).

Log on

Enter username and password to contact the server over the network in order to obtain permission for connection.

Mainframe Computer

Very powerful computers used by governments and large organization for large scale computation.


Megabits / second.