Glossary of Computer Technology Terms - List 9

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A software used to play back audio and video files.

Megabyte (Mb)

220 (= 1,048,576) bytes

MegaHertz (Mhz)

106 ( = 1,000,000) Hz


A device that combines information with a signal that can be sent over large distances.

MOdulator-DEModulator (Modem)

A device that that allows sending and receiving information using a telephone line.


The main circuit board of the computer which allows most of the computer parts to attach to it.


When several tasks are performed at the same time.

Multi-User License

A license that allows a group persons to a the software.

Network Interface Card (NIC)

A device that connects a computer to a network.

Network Server

Itís a computer that allows users to connect to a network.

Online Shopping

Buying goods and services over the internet.

Operating System

The software that controls the main functions of the computer.

Output Device

A device that allows information to be displayed from the computer.