What is Cloud Computing

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1) What is cloud computing?

It is about sharing computing resources such as large capacity of storage of files, videos, music, e-books,etc., applications and computing power. These are delivered through the internet at any place and any time. Cloud computing is beneficial for both personal and corporate setting uses.
Data and applications are stored on remote servers and computers, owned by a third party, rather than in your computer. You can access those files and applications and any computing power needed using the internet via a cloud computing system interface software usually a web based service containing the files and applications that you need for your projects.
Cloud computing may be used as an inexpensive, efficient and very flexible alternative to computers. You can access you files and applications from anywhere at any time.

2) How does cloud computing work?

The cloud computing architecture includes two main parts: Front end and Back end connected through the internet.
A) Front end: it is the client with a computer to access the cloud computing system using an internet browser or a special software.
B) Back end comprises

  • Storage devices are used to store all files and information

  • A main server that uses protocols and special software to control operations and monitor traffic in the system.

  • Other servers and networked computers, that are able to communicate, along with storage devices, make the most important part of the computing power of the cloud computing system.

  • Applications to be used by clients

cloud computing concept.

Cloud Computing Concept

3) Why use cloud computing?

  • You can access your data from anywhere at any time without a need for any physical storage device to carry. This makes mobile learning a reality.

  • You do not need expensive hard drive to store your data.

  • You do not need expensive servers, computers and other hardware in order to access computing power.

  • Cloud computing reduces maintenance.

  • Workers in a given company can use software and applications in the cloud computing system without having to pay for each one. Instead the company pays some fees the cloud computing company for the service offered.

  • Due to the architecture of cloud computing systems, which includes networked computers, large processing computer power is provided when needed.

4) How to use cloud computing?

Cloud computing systems can be hacked and data and information stored may be compromised. Therefore, special precautions need to be taken in order to avoid being hacked

  • Create difficult password to login. Use combination of lower and upper case letters, special characters and digits.

  • Change your password frequently.

  • Do no share your password even with someone you know well.

  • Back up your files in a different cloud service if possible or a storage device.

5) Examples of cloud computing services

  • e-mail account: you login into you e-mail account in order to retrieve files that are not in your computer. The files are in the storage facilities provided by the e-mail provider such as hotmail, gmail, etc.

  • shared applications such as Google doc and applications

  • Google drive allows you to store files

  • Dropbox: Storage facilities Can be used to send educational resources, set homework, grade it and sent it back to students through cloud technology.

  • Distance learning made easier to manage as resources are shared.

  • Easy updates of electronic resources.

  • Resources are shared and therefore large number of learners can access them.