Challenges in mobile learning

Some of the main advantages of mobile learning is that it is accessible almost anywhere at any time and also allows sharing information and material of interest instantaneously. However Mobile learning has many challenges lying ahead.

  • Capacity and speed may not be enough in the future.

  • Multiple screen sizes, operating systems, platforms...

  • Lack of clear model and theoretical background to follow in developing and advancing mobile applications for learning.

  • Lack of clear standards to follow in using mobile applications to effective learning.

  • Problem of software compatibility across devices: example java and flash based applications and games are not guaranteed to run on all portable devices.

  • Complex applications and games where learners play an active role in simulating situations may hinder the learning process.

  • A clear and well understood pedagogical approach together with well defined learning goals are necessary for a successful implementation of mobile learning.

  • Ongoing training, professional developments and supports to the teachers/facilitator/tutors are needed in order to enable them to use mobile devices effectively.

  • Developers must be aware of the applications needed by the end users in order to develop effective solutions.

  • Security and privacy are of great concern

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