Introduction to Computer Security


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What is computer security?

1 - Introduction

Data loss may be due to hardware or software failure, flooding, power failure, theft, physical damage, infection by computer viruses or any other malicious action can be very catastrophic. Unauthorized access to computer systems, called hacking, may also be extremely harmful.

The set of all measures taken to protect computer information and data from damage, loss, corruption, theft, etc ... is called computer security.

Some of the most important actions to take in order to minimize the effects of information and data loss in your computer is

  • to back up your data using Cds, DVDs, HDDs and any other safe storing device, and also protect your back up.

  • protect the information and data in your computer against physical damages of storing devices such as hard disks.

  • protect against theft.

  • protect against viruses using updated anti virus software.

  • Protect your computer against internet intruders through e-mails.

  • to use of password prevent unauthorized access to computers