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Application software, also known as "apps," refers to a group of computer programs designed to perform specific tasks or activities for end-users. It is software that helps users to accomplish their goals and complete their tasks.
Computer programs such as web browser, word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and graphics software are applications software. Applications are separate from the operating system software but must be compatible with it in order to be able to operate.

Examples of Application Software

Word Processors

These are software programs designed to create, edit, and format documents.
Examples include Google Docs, Apple Pages and Microsoft Word.


These are software programs designed to perform calculations and organize data in tables. They are worksheet in the form of rows and columns where text, numbers, operations, functions, formulas and calculations can be entered. Spreadsheets allow numbers to be amended and the calculations to be updated taking into account the changes.
Examples include Google Sheets, Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel.

Presentation Software

These are software programs designed to create slideshows for presentations. These software allow sophisticated presentations to be created for use as projections, slides, Web pages or as an on screen display with the option of incorporating audio and video effects.
Examples include Google Slides, Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Email Applications

These are software programs designed to send and receive and manage email messages using the internet from anywhere. These applications allow users to connect to email servers and access their email accounts from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
Examples of email applications:

Database Applications

These software are used to store large quantities of data that can be queried to display only specific information. A database contains multiple fields and records. A field is a column of similar data such as number plates. A record is a collection of associated data, e.g. a row containing entries that relate to an individual person or a company as an example.
Examples of database applications include:

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

are applications that use graphic design to allow greater control over the layout of pages and the appearance of text and graphics. DTP applications are used rather than word processors to create flyers, posters, cards and newsletters because of the ease of using graphics and text together. Some formatting features within DTP applications can also be found in word processing.
Here are some examples of desktop publishing applications:

Web Browsing Applications

These software allow users to access the mostly free information on the Internet. Also search for, view and download text and images from the vast collection of data which comprises the World Wide Web.
Examples include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Graphic Design Software

These are software programs designed to create and edit digital graphics. These programs offer a range of tools and features for creating graphics, such as drawing tools, filters, and effects, as well as tools for editing and manipulating existing graphics. Digital graphics software programs are used in a range of industries, including graphic design, advertising, marketing, and publishing. They are also used by individuals for personal projects, such as creating digital art or designing social media graphics.
Examples of digital graphics software programs:

Video Editing Software

These are software programs designed to edit and produce videos. These programs allow users to import video footage, audio, and images, and then manipulate and arrange them in a timeline to create a finished video.
Video editing software programs provide users with a range of tools and features for creating professional-looking videos. These tools include timeline editing, color correction, audio editing, special effects, and more. They also support a range of video formats and resolutions, allowing users to work with footage from a variety of sources.
Video editing software is used in a range of industries, including film and television production, marketing, and social media content creation. It is also used by individuals for personal projects, such as creating home movies or YouTube videos.
Examples of video editing software programs:

Accounting Software

These are software programs designed to manage financial transactions and records. These programs provide a range of features for managing bookkeeping tasks, such as invoicing, bill payment, and payroll processing.
Accounting software programs provide users with a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, accuracy, and organization of financial records. They also provide real-time insights into financial performance, allowing business owners to make informed decisions.
Examples of accounting software programs:

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