Modify Chapter Layout of an iBook


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Once you have access to the layout pane of an iBook, select one the chapter layout as shown in the picture below..

chapter layout.

You can now make any changes to the chapter layout. You can for example change the title by typing new title, changing the color, font size, etc.

modify chapter layout.

modify chapter layout.

You can change the background color of the chapter page as follows:

1 - Select a shape, a square for example as shown in the picture below.

select shape.

Keep the shape selected and use the inspector to change its color as shown in the picture below.

change color.

Stretch the shape all over the page as shown below.

stretch shape.

Click on "arrange" in the menu and then select "send to back" then click on "apply changes".

send shape to back.

The title and the background have been modified and you can make more modifications as desired.

chapter layout finished.

There is more on modifying layouts chapters, sections and pages in any template

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