What is an iBook?


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iBooks are highly interactive electronic books created using the free iBook author software. Some of the most important features of iBooks are:

  • They can be designed with almost unlimited choices of background colors and designs, font size and color and layout in general. Once designed, the overall layout of the iBook may be used to make changes to all the pages, automatically in a very short period of time.

  • Seven types of widgets, many of them highly interactive, may be included in iBooks.(see figure below)

    insert widget in iBook

  • In particular, HTML widgets may be included in iBook pages. These widgets may in turn include all the advantages of the three web technologies namely HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript.(see below an example of an iBook page including an interactive math applet that was designed using HTML 5 and JavaScript).

  • HTML 5 widget in iBook

  • Interactive quizzes with answer, feedback and solutions may be designed.(see example below)

    HTML 5 widget in iBook
  • Material in word processing files may be tansfered to iBooks.

  • Predefined template may be used to design iBooks.

  • iBook content can easily be updated and its an important feature which is especially advantageous in education where dynamic content is sometimes needed.

  • Easy to highlight passages, take pictures, create notes,etc.

  • Powerful 3D features that are very effective for interactive simulation useful in engineering, chemistry, physics,etc.

  • iBooks contribute to minimizing the use of paper in institutions using textbooks such as in education.

  • Use of LaTex and MathML coding to include mathematical expressions, equations, functions, matrices, ...etc.(see example below)

    HTML 5 widget in iBook

    The technology behind iBooks offers flexibility in designing electronic books and also the power necessary to produce these books with specific features needed in their use. iBooks may be designed for tourism industry, cooking, all fields of education including languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc.

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